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Last night I was walking in brooklyn
I thought I saw an angel cry
Sometimes I feel A bit dissapointment
Sometimes I feel i die. o yeah
You didn't say goodbye my lovinYou left me so lonely i'm cryinI don't know what to say
I feel your love is over
I don't know what to do, i'm nobody anymore
Just let know before you go,
You got to got to wake me up,
Oooh no.. you got to got to wake me up
Sweet darlin' yeah.. tell me before you go
I look to the sky
I opened up my eyes
I see an angel comin' to me,
Will she be there for me. I don't know
I really don't know
Talking about my life
Walking into my future
Together forever this needs A solution
I don't know
Before you go you tell me my baby
Why did you leave me so lonely
Lonely as i'm oh no

Ragga Oktay Wake Me Up DİNLE

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